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The Jaws And The Claws Video EP Released 2/17/15

On October 31, 2014 the band a royal clark carried its equipment down the back-breaking stairs of its studio on S. Spring St. for the last time.  And along with the amplifiers and piles of guitars the guys hauled out a legacy through the glass door downstairs.

For a decade the dusty walls of the second floor shook with wailing guitars, gut-dropping bass, and blasting drums.  A sonic workshop for rock n roll craftsmen from a wide-ranging family of bands.

The old building at Park and Spring was scattered with remnants of its century-long residence. The practice of law, medicine, and mental health pre-dated that of music.  And antique tools, pictures, signs, and marquee plaques piled up in the broom closets.  These stray pieces of small town Americana never failed to add flavor to the tunes written up there.  You could walk the hall with your head in the 50’s and by the time you hit the door be twenty years down the road.  It was making music in a museum.

Before the band evacuated they shot a series of videos in their hallowed home.  With the help of good friends they documented, for a final time, rock n roll in downtown style.  

This collection of videos has been released as an EP titled “The Jaws and the Claws,” and is dedicated to Bill Keel, the legendary landlord. RIP.